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All dead in the Danish train accident identified

All eight who died in the train accident in Denmark earlier this week have been identified. These are five women and three men, all of whom were Danish citizens.

The Danish police have now identified all eight people who died when a truck trailer caused an accident between a freight train and a passenger train at the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.

The dead were not related to each other, the Danish police writes in a press release. The dead are between 27 and 60 years old and everyone except one is domiciled in Denmark, a 30-year-old from Greenland.

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Two possible scenarios

The accident occurred at 07.30 in the morning of January 2 and the original death toll was six people, one day later the police found two more bodies. 16 people were injured in the accident, but the vast majority should now be discharged from the hospital.

131 passengers and three people in the staff were on the train, according to the train company DSB.

The Danish Accident Investigation Board is working on two different scenarios: Either the truck trailer has been blown by the freight train and the passenger train has entered the trailer or the truck trailer has fallen off the freight train the moment the two trains met.

Bo Haaning, head of the Accident Investigation Board, told Danmarks Radio that the investigation is like a big puzzle that can take months to add.

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