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The fire of death in the Polish escape room - gas leak possible cause of fire

Five young girls died in a fire in an "escape room" in Poland on Friday. The probable cause of the fire is a gas leak, according to a prosecutor.

It was on Friday night that the teenage girls had a birthday party in an "escape room" in the town of Koszalin in northern Poland.

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Fire erupted in the room

An "escape room" is a sort of escape game, where the participants are locked in different rooms and must get out as quickly as possible with the help of clues.

In Poland there are 1,000 such facilities and there are also several such rooms in Sweden. Five 15-year-old girls died after a fire broke out in the Koszalin plant on Friday night.

Rooms should be checked

Prosecutor Ryszard Gasiorowski tells the news agency AP that a leak in a gas-powered heating system is the likely cause of fire. Earlier, Poland's fire chief Leszek Suski said that the fire was probably caused by electrical cables that were provisional and incorrectly drawn, according to the AP.

Fire safety should have been substandard and the person responsible for safety was probably not there when the fire broke out.

Interior Minister Brudzinski has ordered that all escape rooms should now be checked and fireproof.

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