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The police shot tear gas against the Yellow Vests, again

The French Vest Yellow Democratic Initiative (Gilets jaunes) is launching its protests in Paris and other cities. Saturday's marches were about how difficult it is for large groups to get their lives together financially.

- My daughter earns 800 euros a month. She works 25 hours a week in a bakery. For her, it is about surviving, says the protester Ghislaine who does not want to sign with her last name.

Clashes on Saturday

The demonstration in Paris was initially peaceful, but later on Saturday afternoon clashes arose. The police fired tear gas against protesters to prevent them from crossing the Seine and going to the National Assembly (the French Parliament's lower house). The protesters are also reported to have thrown objects against the police. There have also been reports of clashes between police and protesters in Caen.

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Sharp tone against Yellow West

The renewed protests come after President Emmanuel Macron and his government have sharpened the tone of the Yellow West and called them agitators seeking to dismiss the government.

On Wednesday, police arrested Eric Drouet, one of the Yellow West leaders. He is suspected of having organized a demonstration without announcing it.

Saturday's demonstrations blow life into the dissatisfaction movement, whose speed has begun during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Yellow West started their actions two months ago with road blocks. In Paris, the protests degenerated into violence.

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