Just Now

Marry Me?

This guy walks into his doctor's office and tells him he has a major problem.

“What’s your problem?” asked the doctor.

The man said “I can’t have sex”.

“Why?” said the doctor.

The man replied “My p*nis is too long and no woman will go to bed with me.”

“Let me take a look” said the doctor.

The man rolled his pants down and the Doc almost fainted. 25 inches of p*nis.

The Doc said “Sorry but I know of no medical procedure that will help. But, at the edge of town there is a witch who might be able to cast a spell on you.”

The man left the office and said to himself ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ and off to the witch he went.

Once at the witch's place, he told her of his problem and she too wanted to see. She said “WOW there is no spell I can cast that will help. But, if you go behind my house into the woods, you will eventually reach a pond. On the far shore you will see a big ugly frog. Ask her to marry you. If she says NO and it works, your p*nis will shrink by 5 inches. However, if she says YES it will grow by another 50 inches. But she’s unlikely to say yes, being a frog and you're a man."

The man left and walked and sure enough he found the pond. Lo and behold there was the frog on the far shore.

He yelled “Hey frog, will you marry me?”
She replied “NO!”

Suddenly, he felt a tingle and his pants rolled down to his knees, he was amazed. His penis had shrunk to 20 inches. He thought to himself it was great but his penis was still too long.

He yelled again “Hey frog, will you marry me?”
The frog replied “NO!”

He felt the tingle again and sure enough it shrunk by an additional 5 inches to 15. He thought to himself 'that's great but still not enough’.

He yelled again. “Frog, will you marry me?”
The frog replied “NO! NO! NO! for the last time!!”

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