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Carlos Juarez's immortalized moment

Carlos Juarez, 27, risked his life for the picture of a lifetime.

Carlos was hiking in the high ridges on the coast of Brazil, when he decided to risk his life for what some would call an "epic picture". Little did he know, the picture would literally capture the moment before his death. 

Carlos, moments before he plummeted to his death.
Carlos, who was working two jobs to support his family of four, had after a lot of pleading and sacrifice, managed to get the day off to spend with his wife. Carlos and Helena took off for the cliffs, the very same cliffs where they had their first date 8 years ago.

Carlos spurred by emotions, playfully said "there is nothing I wouldn't do for you", as he climbed out on the statue to proclaim his never ending love for his wife. Carlos urged Helena to take a picture of him hanging off the cliff to immortalize the moment.

Moments after this amazing picture had been captured, Carlos attempted to climb back up, but without success. Bystanders along with Helena, watched as Carlos struggled time upon time to get a footing on the statue and climb back up. Carlos shouted for help, but none of the bystanders dared venture out on the statue, still wet with morning dew. Eventually, Carlos arms grew tired, and after one last attempt his arms gave up and to the sound of Helena's crying, Carlos fell to his demise.

Left behind, was his wife and two children, Pedro 6 and Maria 4.

Carlos, who had just months before the accident, managed to overcome a long and hard drug addiction, was finally getting his life back on track. He had built a house for his family on a small piece of land he inherited from his father, and was supporting his family by working 2 jobs.

"Carlos was a caring and unselfish man who always put family and friends first. I will never find a man like him again" - Helena Juarez

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