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Malcolm Young has passed away - lead guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC... RIP legend :(

Malcolm Young (co founder of AC/DC and lead guitarist) has passed away at age 64
Malcolm Young (co founder of AC/DC and lead guitarist) has passed away at age 64.

"We've always been a true band. You will not find one any more threatening. AC / DC will always be AC ​​/ DC. Sometimes we'll do well, sometimes not so well, but the music of AC / DC will always be the same. "

Malcolm Young's own words about the band that he founded with his brother Angus 1973 is the first thing I will think of when the news of the guitarist's demise reaches me.

Malcolm Young.

Few haircuts have been felt as genuine and genuine as just AC / DC. The band that has been the melodious hard rock engine for over four decades. And whose huge successes have largely rested in Malmö's visionary songwriter, which has, among other things, given rise to song taxes like Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and "Let There Be Rock".

Not to mention the remarkable album "Back in black", which is the second best-selling album of all time. Michael Jackson's "Thriller" has secured the first place.

It is easy to forget that the band with over 200 million records sold out as puppet entertainment in Swedish dance lanes in the early 1970s. (A few years before the breakthrough 1979 with the album "Highway to Hell".)

Got a lot of criticism

In addition, Australia, where the band was formed, was far from a lush haze when the first seeds were sown to AC / DC.

When parents and mainstreammedies were not late to accuse the band of killing youngsters in ruins, Malcolm was especially quick to protect his nephew. He did not allow uncritical critics to swear down the rock'n'roll - as he loved and kept so high.

"If you do not like it ... then there's something wrong with you," he allegedly said to the band's hard-fledged opponent.

But over time, the opponents became less. And people, both inside and outside the hard rock sphere, who fell for the band's uncompromising and remarkable hard rock became more and more.

Suffered from dementia

Just over three years ago, the band's worldwide fan of the illusory news was received by Malcolm to take a break from AC / DC for disease-related reasons.

It became shocking when it was announced only half year later that the breakup would be permanent. The reason; dementia.

At the end, Malcolm could not remember any AC / DC songs, Angus Young told an interview with Australian ABC 2014. A terrible tragic information about something.

But the hard rock world will never forget Malcolm and the huge song and music heritage he's now leaving behind. And his ability to write God-made riffs leaves no hard rockers unmoved.

Rest in peace.

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