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R Kelly is commenting on the sex charges in a new song

The artist R Kelly has been accused of sexual abuse of minors several times.

In a 19-minute song, the R&B star now faces a number of different testimonies of pedophilia and sexual abuse, writes Rolling Stone.

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R Kelly admits he is not perfect

“I admit I'm not perfect, I've never said I'm perfect. Say I have taken hold of these women, what the hell, that is completely absurd, "reads a line from the text of the song" I admit ",

R Kelly was accused last year of holding several young women caught under sect-like conditions in order to have sex with them when he wanted. The singer has also been prosecuted for child pornography offenses after he was alleged to have recorded a sex video on himself along with a 14-year-old girl in 2002. He was released six years later.

In the song R Kelly also criticizes Spotify's decision to completely remove the artist's music from their lists and believes that the music service only acts on solving rumors and gossip

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