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R. Kelly sued for sexual harassment: "Locked me in and gave me herpes"

A young woman sues hip hop star R Kelly for exposing her to multiple sexual harassment.
The woman says that Kelly for one year should have beaten her sexually, mentally and verbally and even given her herpes.

A woman named Faith Rodgers sues rapper R. Kelly for having, among other things, subjected her to sexual harassment on several occasions, writes TMZ.

According to Rodgers, she first met Kelly in San Antonio in March 2017 when she was 19 years old. This was in connection with a gig.

In the lawsuit, she writes that the rapper later flew her to New York to attend one of his concerts.

After the gig he should have "bombarded" her with "unwanted sexual contact" that should have ended with inter alia a sexual intercourse.

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Got herpes

According to TMZ, the rapper, after exploiting the woman sexually, accused her of being "boring in bed".

Faith's doctor says that she should also have been infected with herpes by R. Kelly.

Faith and Kelly should have had a relationship for one year during which the rapper abused her sexually and psychologically.

According to Faith, he will also have locked her several times in rooms, studios and cars to punish her when, according to him, she does not "succeed in fulfilling his sexual desires". She also mentions that Kelly had a guard who was tasked with making sure she did not escape.

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