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Wrestling legend Mean Gene dead - was 76 years old

Hulk Hogan: "Mean Gene, I love you my brother"

The long-standing host of WWE, Gene Okerlund, has died.

"Mean Gene" was 76 years old.

Now he is mourned by the wrestling world.

Mean Gene Wrestling Host
Mean Gene

"Mean Gene" Okerlund, host for World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, has passed away. He was 76 years old.

Over the years, he has made himself known as one of the sports world's most recognized interviewers. Nickname "Mean Gene" was awarded to him by Jesse Ventura, former wrestling star and governor of Minnesota.

In 1970, he jumped in as a host for Marty O’Niell in the American Wrestling Association, AWA. He then took over the job permanently, before moving over to WWE 1983.

During his time as a host for WWE, several major wrestling stars such as Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" interviewed Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior.

"Mean Gene" Okerlund was also the first to perform the national anthem during the first edition of WrestleMania, 1985.

Care of Hulk Hogan and Triple H

In 2006, "Mean Gene" Okerlund was elected to the WWE Hall of Fame by wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. On his Twitter, he now shares his grief.

"Mean Gene, I love you my brother," writes Hulk Hogan.

Even Triple H mourns his passing.

"He compensated for the voice of an entire era of our industry. He was the star of some of WWE's most memorable segments. "Mean Gene" was loved by anyone working with him. Our thoughts go to his family at this difficult time, ”he writes in a twitter post.

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