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International Bird Day 5th January

Today, it is the bird day, one of about five bird days that are noticed during the year. There are between 9000-10,000 bird species in the world (depending on how you count) and 1,221 species of these are listed as endangered species by Birdlife International and IUCN in 2007.

Birds originate from dinosaurs, which is damn tough!

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Found a list of bird records on Wikipedia and read a bit. The day will be celebrated in the bird's characters thought to try me on some bird watching and if time is advancing in the birds' engaged land.

... Okay, I've counted birds and thought that at least the skaters who tease the cat should have shown their beaks, but NOT! Today I have seen two worn pigeons and not meet more. Sickly disappointed with the birds, but happier about my new computer that shines with its presence.

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